House Clearance in UK: What to expect when You hire a House Clearance service

House clearance services are there to help you. Many people who have lived in their homes for a while get to a point where they need help decluttering. This is especially true when you own more clutter than space. Thankfully, house clearance services exist as an affordable solution and as a result will make your life so much easier! Read on to discover what house clearance services can do for you and how much it will cost...

What to expect when You hire a House Clearance service

When you hire a house clearance service, it’ll usually fall into one of two scenarios. First, where a team travels to your property, uncovers what you want to keep, sorts it out and loads it into their van. Or second, you can hire a company to come with a skip and they’ll load the rest into that. If you hire a company to come with a skip, they’ll ask you to fill in a form that records everything inside the house. Be honest and accurate, as this will help them make decisions on what to take.

Why do You need professional help?

House clearance services are there to help you, not put pressure on you. They’ll take anything you don’t want, won’t be able to sell or give away and give back to charity. They won’t judge the state of your home, only the things they find in it. If you have a lot of collectibles or sentimental items, you might feel a little embarrassed about letting a stranger see them. When you seek help from a house clearance service, you don’t have to worry about any of this. You can be as open or as secretive as you want to be.

How much does House Clearance services cost?

This will depend on the company you hire and what you need. House clearance services that come to your home will charge a set rate, while those that bring a skip will charge on the basis of how much space they fill. House clearance prices will vary depending on where you live and the season. You might find that you pay more if you need a team to come in the middle of winter. Prices will also vary if you hire a specialist service, such as one that deals with the removal of asbestos. House clearance costs can range from as little as £65 to as much as £700.